Her Soul Purpose


HER SOUL PURPOSE is a deeply connected mastermind group full of support, celebration and focus.

It is an opportunity to feel fully seen, heard and understood as a HSP.

Our soul purpose is deeply important to us and it can feel challenging at times to protect our energy with all the challenges in life.

We also have a deep inherent desire to do business our way, because we burn out if we try and do things the way other people seem too or how we think we ‘should’ do it.

SURROUNDING ourselves with the right tribe is essential to a sensitive soul and this is an opportunity to do so with guidance, direction and support for your purpose too.

Who is it for?

  • Women who are Empaths/Highly Sensitive
  • HSP Women who have own business and feel on purpose with it
  • HSP Women who are seeking a deeper level of connection and support
  • HSP Women who deeply desire to create balance, creativity and flow in their life
  • HSP women who want to lead and inspire others
  • HSP women committed to the membership
  • HSP who struggle with traditional style networking events but would like to feel supported and connected

How will it work?

The first Monday of the month there will be a SOUL INTENTIONS zoom call for an hour. This is an opportunity to review whats going well, what needs to change and what your three big intentions are for the month ahead (These will be recorded and accessible after if you cant make it although these will be priceless to help you focus if you attend live!)

The last Friday of the month there will be a two hour meet up in person at lovely locations around Northumberland.
Linden Hall will be used to start with.
(The day and time is set and attending these are your responsibility to make a priority in your diary)

Access to a Her Soul Purpose Facebook community where there will be a weekly accountability post and you can get support and help in there too. This is only for HSP women committed to a minimum six month membership so we all feel connected, supported and committed to the process and each other.

Some of the topics that will be discussed on ‘in person’ meet ups:

  • Planning sessions
  • Discipline
  • Faith
  • Actions
  • Vision
  • Soul contract client avatar
  • Boundaries
  • Self Care
  • HSP needs
  • Marketing
  • Money mindset

Membership is £25 monthly.